[ 97c4f7c0d54bdc0753456c0963e4c9fe ] << Web of Trust “verification-code”

How To Get Your WordPress Blog Verified By “Web Of Trust”

This is a page created to facilitate the “verification” of this WordPress Blog by the “Web of Trust” website-rating website:

If you too want your WordPress Blog to be “verified” by the Web of Trust website-rating website, you can do the following:

1) “Download” to your computer the “HTML verification-file” that the Web of Trust website offers you as a “verification option” during the “Request a site evaluation” process that begins on this Web of Trust web page:

2) Once you have downloaded the Web of Trust “HTML verification-file” to your computer, go to your WordPress Blog “Dashboard” and add a new Page to your WordPress Blog by clicking on the word “Pages” on the left-hand-side “Navigation Menu,” and then clicking the words “Add New” on the “Pages” dropdown-menu that will display. An “Add New Page” editing-area will open up to the right of the “Navigation Menu.”

3) In the “Enter title here” text-box at the top of the “Add New Page” editing-area, name the title of your new Blog page by using the given file-name of the “HTML verification-file” that you downloaded from the Web of Trust website.

In this page’s case, as you can see near the top of the page, the downloaded “HTML verification-file” had the file-name:

[ mywot89d7efb816c8f7d98662.html ].

4) You can then type or copy the “verification-code” found in the “body” of the “HTML verification-page” into the main text-input box of the “Add New Page” editing-area—located right below the “Enter title here” text-box that you just filled in.

5) “Preview” your new Blog page by clicking on the “Preview” button located in the upper-right-corner “Publish” box. If your new Blog page looks ok in the new window that opens up in your browser, click on the blue “Publish” button in the same “Publish” box back on the “Add New Page” editing-area page…and you are done.

6) Return to the Web of Trust “Request a site evaluation” web page, and follow the instructions that will then “verify” the existence of your new WordPress Blog page.

Your part in the Web of Trust verification-process is finished. The Web of Trust people will now evaluate your WordPress Blog using all of the information that you input during the “Request a site evaluation” process.

7) You will notice that WordPress has changed the “dot” before the “HTML file-name” used for your new Blog page’s “title”—in the “URL address” seen up in the “Address bar” of your new Blog page.  The Web of Trust verification-process will accept this slightly altered “URL address” as proof of the existence of your new WordPress Blog page.

8) That’s it. Good luck in getting your WordPress Blog “verified” by the Web of Trust website-rating website.

9) The idea for the steps suggested above came from reading the “comments” on a “Web of Trust” Forum page:


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  1. Cvarier

    Thanks, your guide helped me verify my WordPress site!

    • Bennie

      You are more than welcome, Cvarier.

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